Nazan Nihal

Nazan's music career started in 2001 when she decided to buy her first electric guitar. She began writing and composing her own songs in English even before she learned to play covers of famous artists. Her first rock band had been her very first entry into the music industry, helping her to shape and improve her guitar skills. She is also a former member of the Turkish national TV station TRT’s polyphonic choir.

Nazan’s first professional project, an all-female rock band, became very successful and toured big cities throughout Turkey, where she was both the songwriter and the electric guitar player. In 2008, in an attempt to create possibilities to release her own songs, Nazan founded a new band called KupaKızı, thus opening the doors to record two self written compositions and one cover. Nazan's song “Paket” won the 1st prize at the Miller Music Factory Song Contest ‘08. It brought Nazan her first major recognition of of her talents and was a glimpse at what lies ahead for her career. In 2010, Nazan decided to focus on her solo career. She has been writing and singing her own songs since.

At the 6th anniversary of the Emrehan Halıcı & Ankara Musicians rock concert, she appeared on stage among the best musicians from Ankara. In 2011, Nazan gave a concert in Utrecht, Holland. Her Turko-Dutch song “Mesafeler-Kilometers” was rearranged and recorded by Michael Waters, an Amsterdam-based musician/producer (Soul Planet Studios/Amsterdam). The song was dedicated to the celebration of 400 years of friendship between Holland and Turkey.

In November 2011, Nazan Nihal collaborated with Utar Artun, a talented musician/composer from Berklee College, Boston. Utar Artun's song "The Girl Who Has Chocolate Eyes" featuring vocals by Nazan won the first prize at the 18th TBD-Halıcı Electronic Music Contest in Istanbul.
Nazan played acoustic and electric guitar on 2 songs on tracks from Turkey's famous and prestigious rock singer Cemil Demirbakan's debut album produced by Artun Ertürk in 2012.

In January 2012 Nazan performed with a Turkish-Dutch band in Amsterdam and 6 months later Nazan returned to Holland to be featured in the festivities at Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam in celebration of the 400 years of Dutch-Turkish relations. She appeared on stage during the international female basketball game between The Netherlands and Turkey and sang the Turkish national anthem to open the game. That summer Nazan focused on finishing her PhD program in pharmacy in Ankara where she graduated from in September while continuing to work on her Turkish debut album, produced by Tuna Velibașoğlu, the front man of the famed Turkish band Seksendört.

Currently living in Boston, Nazan Nihal and Utar Artun recently created a unique music project, Neotolia, bringing the old Turkish folk songs to contemporary folk sound. Having gathered nationwide attention, Nazan and Utar were invited to the the Television show the Turkish-American Hour as well as to the Turkish Festival ‘13 in Washington DC.
    Discography (released by Mireille Music)