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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a specific question not available on this page, you can contact us directly.

What does Mireille Music do?

As Mireille Music we are dedicated to help you to release your albums and songs commercially worldwide. A short answer; if you have songs and want to have your own album and sell it all around the world you are at the right place.

How do I work with Mireille Music?
Just tell us about your project in detail using contact form. We will find solutions. Ask anything, we are here to help.

I have a great song. Can Mireille Music help me to sell my album on iTunes?
Yes, as a matter of fact we have one of the most extensive digital store network. Your albums will be selling at Amazon, google play, xbox, omniphone an many others.

Do you have any genre restriction?
No, we distribute any type of music as long as it complies with our ethical and legal standards.

Can I release a cover song?
You may release a cover album. However you must acquire the required licenses. We could do this for you through our cover song license clearing service.

Will people hear me on the radios?
Yes, your songs will be played at most popular online radios worldwide. People will discover you on Shazam and discovr and your fans can listen to you on Spotify, iheartradio, Rdio, iTunes Radio.

Are your services free of charge?
That would be great wouldn't it? We have to charge an upfront fee for our services to keep the Mireille Music alive. Good News is we are keeping it to minimum so that anybody can afford to reach to people with their music.

What is the service charge for Mireille Music?
Since every artist's needs are unique, the services we offer for the success of each individual project varies greatly. Therefore we cannot provide a pre-set charge for our services. However you might be surprised to hear how affordable our services are. Just tell us about your dream project and we will do everything possible to make it come true.

Can Mireille Music help me to release my CD?
Yes, we provide high quality Red Book standard Compact Disc-Digital Audio replication and packaging services for volumes above 300 CDs. For lesser quantities you may use our CD duplication services. For more information contact us.

May I release just one song (a single) using your services?
Absolutely, some artists prefer to release a single first so that they can create a fan base for their future album.

I am a total amateur, I play guitar and sing however I do not have a recorded song. Can I still use your services?
Yes definitely, we will guide you at every step for your success. Ask us for a free consultation so you can start your career as an artist..

Do you prepare CD covers and designs?
Yes we have a graphic studio with extensive experience in CD cover design.

How can I discuss my project with you?
Write us a detailed description of your project. We will guide you from there. Ask anything, we are here to help you.

Will I earn money from the digital sales?
Yes, you will have chance to distribute and sell your music at several online markets.

I need album notes before the release of my album. Can you help with this?
Our writers can draft you an unbiased and attractive review of your album for a successful release.

I am looking for a recording studio to record my single. Could you locate one for me?
Finding the right recording studio for your project is a crucial step. Your needs and your budget should match what the studio has to offer. Tell us about your project and let us match you with the right recording studio.

My song needs orchestration. Could you help?
We have a team of musical arrangers that will orchestrate your songs for a professional and catchy style and sound.

Do I really need mastering for my songs?
Mastering is one of the critical steps in music production. A good mastering engineer will add great artistic and technical value to your project. Your songs will sound louder, clearer with better stereo image and definition. Our mastering studio provides competitive rates with great results.