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Digital Distribution     <Click here for a complete list of distribution>
Sell your songs online at the most popular digital music stores. We have an extensive digital distribution network including Apple iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Xbox Music, Emusic, Google Music Store, Shazam,, Rdio, Muve Music, MediaNet, GreatIndieMusic, MOG, Omnifone, iHeartRadio, Rumblefish, Slacker Radio, Samsung Music Hub, Mondia Media, Rhapsody, MySpace Music, JB Hi-Fi, 24-7, TTNetMuzik, AveMuzik, TurkcellMuzik. To sell your music now, contact us


CD/LP Replication and Duplication
Although digital formats are dominating the music market, a great audio CD (or a hight quality Long Play) is still considered as your business card in music industry. We provide high quality Red Book standard Compact Disc-Digital Audio replication and packaging services for volumes above 300 CDs. For lesser quantities you may use our CD duplication services. For more information contact us.


Physical CD/LP Distribution
Sell your CDs/LPs on popular stores such as amazon, cdbaby, cduniverse and imusic stores all over the world. Your CDs/LPs will be distributed worldwide by Alliance Entertainment Distribution and Super D Distribution, the leaders of industry in the United States.


Artist and Album Promotion
Get recognized with our artist and album package. As an artist you need a great web page, social media presence, beautiful promotional banners, cards, concert announcements. You must have a professionally written biography with attractive notes and reviews about your album. Our design studio will help you to be successful as a musician. Just drop a message for inquiry.


Advertisement Services
Advertisement is one of the most crucial steps to be taken for the promotion of your product. We can offer advertisement services also for already published albums by other labels as well as our clients through many worldwide high traffic web sites. Our Ad Partners.


Arrangement and Instrumentation
How do you like some strings orchestra background in your rock ballad song? A professional arrangement would add great value to your music. We have a team of musical arrangers that will make your song sound catchy and beautiful. Let us help you.


Recording & Mixing
We will help you to locate the most suitable and cost-effective recording studio, recording engineer, studio musicians and equipment for your next album. Don't waste your time and money. Just ask us!


Sample Editing and Studio Perfomances
If you'd like your compositions to be performed by experienced studio musicians or MIDI tracks to be edited by great sounding samples, Mireille artists offer you a wide variety of options from a simple percussion performance to symphonic orchestra.


Mastering is the final and critical step to present your music professionally. It is the magical touch at every commercial recording you hear. If you want your song/album sound like a commercial album, don't neglect mastering. Mastering is considered as an expensive process, however Mireille Mastering Studio offers solutions to accommodate to your budget. Our studio is an official "Mastered for iTunes" provider as certified by Apple.   Ask us.


Digital Audio Formatting
There are a lot technicalities involved in digital audio distribution and CD and MP3 preparation. You will need a bar-code, ISRCs, DDP formatting for CD text, tagging, Mastering for iTunes (MFiT) etc. No worries, we are here, contact us.


Royalty Collection and Copyright Protection
If your music is used commercially you should be paid royalties. Protect your creative work and collect your royalties through our royalty collection program.


CD Cover/Concept Design
An eye catching CD design will set you apart from the competitors online or at the music store. We have a graphic studio with great experience in CD cover and digital design. Let them choose the best digital art and together let's design a great CD cover for your song or project. Ask for the options. We can also provide professional evaluation for the concept of your album from its title to the selection, naming, ordering of songs and other aspects.


Artwork Providers - [Painters, illustrators, photographers]
It is time for all the world to see your masterpiece. Let us present your paintings and illustrations on Mireille Music's artistic designs such as CD covers, digital artwork and printed artwork, artists web pages and advertisements. If chosen as a design element, not only your artwork will be recognized by thousands worldwide but also you will get paid from the music sales! What are you waiting for? Contact us now!